official sales and maintenance Partner of Cybelec

Coma GmbH offers the whole range of Cybelec CNC controls, meeting every demand around sheet metal forming.

If time is short

Over the last 20 years Coma service became a symbol for high performance and reliability. We are authorized sales and maintenance partner of Cybelec in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Our stock, containing all spare parts for the latest Cybelec controls enables us to provide you with the needed components within 24 hours reducing the downtime of your machine to a minimum. Furthermore we are able to provide you with a vast amount of spare parts for older Cybelec controls as well. Due to our extensive service grid a well trained and experienced technician will be at your facility in no time to fix your faulty Cybelec control.

Downtime Reduction

If the repair of your Cybelec control will take more than 24 hours we are able to offer a customized and favourably priced rental control to take over production. The rental control will reduce your loss of production and the machines downtime to a minimum.

Cybelec Parts on stock

A faulty Cybelec control of an older generation must not be associated with high investments in money and time. Our unique stock of Cybelec spare parts provides a quick and economical way of repairing your old Cybelec control in most cases. A complete process simulation in our highly specialized repair laboratory leads to a quick isolation of the error and often makes expensive retrofitting unnecessary.

Economical modernization

If repairing your Cybelec control is considered not economical due to extensive damage or high age we are happily offering to retrofit your machine for a new Cybelec CNC control. Besides providing all required components our service includes mechanical adaption, wiring, revising circuit diagrams and competent training of your machine operators for safe and efficient use of the new control.