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ModEva PAC Control

ModEva Pac is a natural evolution of Cybelec's famous numerical controls. With a large 15" Touch Screen, a simplified keyboard with large keys and a 2D graphic software, it offers the operator a quick, convenient and more efficient interaction with his machine. Integrated in a sleek design housing, this compact numerical control unit is available in 2 versions: 4 or 7 axes. It can optionally also be delivered as a robust panel. Depending on the software installed, ModEva Pac will drive standard synchronized press brakes or more sophisticated ones with for instance bending aids.


Easy operating:

  • 2D parts drawable by hand with the

TouchProfile function.

  • Intuitive and interactive programming.
  • Clear and visible field functions associated with color codes.
  • Complete programming of parts on a single page.
  • Quick set-up of the machine thanks to direct access to parameters.
  • Clearly and logically designed menus.
  • Easy access to basic functions by means of 5 object-oriented keys.
  • Aslant ergonomic design for rapid data input.
  • Keyboard with large keys.
  • Main machine commands (push buttons, switches) ideally located under the keyboard.


Better Bending:

  • Delivered with PC-ModEva off-line software allowing parts programming on a desktop computer.
  • Higher productivity through easy and rapid modifications of existing products.
  • Extensive machine parameters allow very fine machine tuning.
  • Error and warning messages displayed on the console screen.



  • Graphic 2D display and simulation capability displaying optimal bending sequences, tools and position of the sheet between the tools.
  • Collision detection according to criteria defined by the operator:

         -- Minimum length against the operator.

         -- Minimum return.

         -- Maximum accuracy between two defined faces.

         -- Minimum operator manipulation.

  • Windows XPe for multitasking and file management.
  • EC safety-cycle management.
  • Easy communication:

         -- Windows networking through Ethernet (RJ45).

         -- Connection to external devices through USB port for software updating and data backup.

         -- Remote maintenance.

  • Almost unlimited quantity of programs and very high number of sequences.
  • Over 20 languages available.
  • Fully compatible with Cybelec’s DNC 880S, DNC 880 and DNC 80, making of ModEva Pac an ideal control when retrofitting